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 What is MassM2M?
The MassM2M research group was established in the beginning of 2012 by Professor Petar Popovski, to deal with the emergent research challenges within Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. Since then the research areas have expanded to three different areas:

  • Protocol Reengineering
  • Information and Coding Theory
  • Communication for Smart Grid

What does MassM2M stand for?

M2M communication is a term that identifies the emerging paradigm of interconnected systems, machines, and things that communicate and collaborate without human intervention. MassM2M arises due to the fact that wireless connectivity enables mass deployment of M2M interconnections, both in terms of number of devices and variety of applications. Our research group works on wireless protocols and transmission schemes that will enable a mass and dependable M2M communication.

Our approach:

There is a need to investigate the fundamental principles of communication system design that correspond to the novel requirements posed by MassM2M. On the other hand, during the last decades, a plethora of various wireless systems and standards emerged, creating a mature wireless context. Therefore, instead of starting from a clean-slate system design, our approach is to start from the current wireless context and re-engineer some of the existing systems, such as the cellular GSM, 3G or LTE, in order to make them MassM2M-ready.

Recent Publications:
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