Petar Popovski, Ph. D., Professor

Head of the research group, Professor in Wireless Communications and IEEE Fellow.

Cedomir Stefanovic – Ph.D., Associate Professor

Random Coding, Smart grid, Machine-to-Machine

Nuno Pratas – Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Wireless communications networks with focus on Machine-to-Machine and Device-to-Device applications

Jimmy Jessen Nielsen, Ph.D., PostDoc Researcher

Postdoctoral researcher in M2M, communications, traffic modeling, and highly reliable systems.

Jesper Hemming Sørensen, Ph.D. PostDoc Researcher

Random codes, Real time communications

Dong Min Kim, Ph.D. PostDoc Researcher

Wireless Networks, Ultra-Reliable Communications, Machine-to-Machine Communications, Networked Robotics, Network Information Theory, Network Economics

Kasper Fløe Trillingsgaard. PhD Fellow

Kasper you know what to do here…

Marko Angjelichinoski. PhD Fellow

Statistical Signal Processing, Estimation Theory, Wireless Communications, Smart Grid, Distributed Control

Pietro Danzi, Research Assistant

Wireless communications networks for Smart grid applications, distributed control

Jihong Park, Ph.D., PostDoc Researcher

Ultra-dense/ultra-reliable/massive-MIMO system designs, stochastic interference modeling, network economics.

Alexandru-Sabin Bana, Research Assistant

Wireless receiver design, Ultra-reliable communication protocols, Information theory, Channel modeling and estimation, Massive MIMO.